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Screenshot of the chart game

Charts: Ok, um, let me talk about the charts. Gernot explained it to me, but I think I don’t get it. Somehow the charts show what happens with stocks. This has to do with companies and how they get new money. If you ask me: mind-numbing. Moreover the game is too hard. There are only lines and curves on the pictures and you hardly can distinguish them. Gernot believes, if you train this, you van earn money with it. Maybe, but that’s not my scene.

Cattles: The farmer Rolf R. likes his cattle very much and has photographed a lot of them. He also has travelled frequently and has photographed cattle in foreign countries. You can see a selection of these photos in the cattle game.

You can see very much bison here. But one of them is a beanie bison. Do you see him? The cattle in the Beanielings game of Beatrice have fun to hide themselves in the cattle game. Find the four of them who do that. What are their names? To find out that you have to play the Beanielings game and the cattle game several times.

Screenshot of the cattle game

Screenshot of the jigsaw game

Puzzles: Do you see this giraffe? There are some pieces of her displaced. And on the whole environment much has to be done until everything fits. You can move one piece at a time with the mouse to another place; this will be exchanged with the piece on this place. Simply try it. Click on “Play the jigsaw game”, choose your picture, decide how many pieces it should have, and start playing it. In the beginning you see a default picture, but you can choose the giraffe, if you like her.