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Mosie explains the customer games

Yet more beautiful are the games on the own game websites of the customers. There is more room for the game and often a text is added to it. See the Tasmania game website of the traveller Peter „O“ P. A complete travelogue is added with hints to the photos in the game.

You can rent such a website and build games with your own photos on it. What you have to do for this in detail I explain you on the “My own game website” page.

Do you want to see a nice jigsaw game with butterflies and flowers? Look at Anna’s “autumn meadow”. This is a jigsaw game with 10 different motifs where butterflies “graze” the honey of autumn flowers.

You can order a basic package of jigsaw games with 10 different motifs and a big package with 30 different motifs.

Wilberts Ahornfarbspiele

Last not least there is Wilbert, a hobby photographer. His opinion is people have the most fun with taking the shots when they build a collection of photos for a game. Play his games with colourful maple pictures and try to solve his little puzzle with the “dancing trees”.

Colourful autumn pictures with maple trees in landscape format

By the way you can book a „photo exchange online option“. With this option you may exchange the photos in your games as often as you want. So you can revolve your game again and again and will have the same fun as Wilbert while taking new shots for your game theme.