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Mosie explains the website configuration

The website configuration enables you to decide how your website and the games on it will look and appear to the user. First the most important points for the handling of the configuration. At the end there is a button “Perform changes”.

Knopf zum Ändern des Website Designs

You can make all changes you want and then press this button once. Not before this moment the changes will be saved on our computer.

All the other buttons on this page are for selecting files on your computer. You select a file, but don’t load it up at this moment. This and all other changes won’t happen unless you press the “Perform changes“ button.

First you can change the name of your package. Per default the field is filled with a proposal, in most cases your user name. Only if another person has already created a package with your user name the name is complemented with a number. You can change this name now. If the name you enter is not already used the change will be accepted. Otherwise you will get a message that the change does not work and have to think about another name.

Enter package name

This name is important because it defines the URL of your game website (this means the name, people have to enter in their browser). For example, if you name your package “Mystery”, the visitors of your website can reach your website with the URL „“.

You can upload a file with the website text. This may be a simple text file (“ASCII”) or a word file. With this text you describe your photos and your games. If you don’t know what to write look at some example websites of our customers, maybe you will get an inspiration there. You don’t have to supply such a file, without it the game will be launched plain without a text.

But maybe you have to say something about your website. Click on the “Select” button behind “Text file” to elect the text file on your computer. As long as you have not uploaded a text file yet a hint is on the left side with a red background. After you have uploaded a text another hint stands on the left side with a green background. It is possible to load up a changed or another text file anytime later.

Texdatei und Logo hochladen

Load up a logo which stands for you and your games. Click on Logo: “Select” and choose a picture file on your computer. If you don’t do that, I myself will be on the logo in the left upper corner of your game website because this is the default. By the way, this is not a bad choice. You can also book an extra “Build a logo” and then we will develop a logo from your photos. Of course in this case you don’t need to upload a logo yourself.

On the bottom of the page there is a table to define details for your games. The size of this table depends on the package you choose. In the example a “2 game package” was selected. You may give each game or game partition its own name (there are defaults for the game names, but these are dull). In the example the memory game was named “autumn” because it consists of autumn photos. The jigsaw game is named “Buildings and plants” because .., I think you have it. By the way, pictures with buildings and plants are excellent jigsaw motives.

Game design: Define name and game size

To choose a game size is only possible for memory games. For the jigsaw games the player himself chooses it. The game size of a memory game is the number of cards and how much of them are arranged vertically and horizontally. The default is 30 cards (5 vertically and 6 horizontally). The identifier for this setting is „30(5*6)“. In the example 42 cards are chosen (6 vertically and 7 horizontally).

Also only for memory games you can upload a card backside for each game partition. You only have to click on “Select” and select a picture file on your computer. Please consider that a backside picture should distinguish observable from the photos. Better you take a graphic (by the way I like the default backside with the little turtles). Or you alienate one of your photos. This is the way the customer “Wilbert” has done it. These backsides look good I believe.

Game design: Load up card backsides

If you want we may develop the card backside(s) for you. You book the extra “Build a card backside” and we will create some similar to Wilberts approach from a typical photo of your memory game. If you have booked the extended version of the memory game you can book the extra “Build five card backsides” and get a different backside for each of the 5 game partitions. Of course you get a fair discount for the 5 unit package.