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Mosie explains the sample games

Already with your first uploaded photo you can perform a sample game when you select „Game sample“ after uploading the photo.

Because the photo of the greenfinch was the first uploaded photo the jigsaw consists of this one photo and looks like you see it below.

You always have 20 pieces which you have to move with the mouse to the correct position. The number behind “placed pieces” shows you the number of pieces which already match. A clock is running to make the game more exiting and the number of moves will be counted.

The button „new game“ merges the jigsaw pieces again. The clock and the counting re-start in this case. As long as you have not uploaded 10 photos a button “Upload more photos” head you to the place for uploading photos.

Jigsaw game with a greenfinch

As soon as you have uploaded 10 photos do another game sample. In this case you can try a memory game. In the example below enough photos have now been uploaded.

After you have uploaded 10 or more photos a popup list appears left of the „New game“ button which not have been there before. You can choose between “Memory game” and “Jigsaw game”.

Memory game with bird pictures

In the example the memory game already is selected and a number of moves have been played. The two cards with the blackbird and the two cards with the greenfinch (the curious little guy again is present) are opened correctly. Therefore they have a green border and remain uncovered.

The other two open cards are an ostrich and a redstart. These certainly do not fit and therefore they have a red border. A click on any card of the game closes these not fitting open cards.

Once you have uncovered all cards a score will be displayed and you can see how proficient you were.

Furthermore suitable to the played game you will get a suggestion what you can order. Buttons appear to continue according with the order process.