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Mosie explains how to finish an order

If you have decided which package and which extras you want (and ordered them!) and when you have done the website configuration click on the „Finish order“ Tab. Here you have a complete overview of your order. For example it would look like this:

Finish the order

On the left you see the list prices. The right column is more important. Here you see what it really costs. The last number on the lower right side is the final price which you have to pay.

If you have ordered a discount package you see on the left side the sum of the list prices and how much you have saved.

Behind all additional booked extras you find a „Delete“ button. If it is to expensive for you, you can remove singular extras from the order. If you are happy with everything click on the button “Order now”.

Screenshot of selecting a payment option

I am offering different payment options. If you click on “Pay by wire transfer” I will send you an email with the bill and payment instructions. If you choose “Pay by PayPal” I tell the bill amount to PayPal and transmit you there. You there login to your PayPal account and confirm the payment amount. If you do that, PayPal will transmit you back to me and I will give you a button to confirm the payment finally. Afterward you also will get a email with the (paid) bill.

Screenshot with the button to confirm the PayPal payment

However you are choose to pay, I am gladly looking forward to launch your website!

Overview about everything you can order and the prices per year.

Name Comment Price
Base packages
Memory game 1 game, up to 60 photos 42 €
Jigsaw game Up to 10 different motives (photos) 42 €
Memory game extended 5 games, up to 200 photos 57 €
Jigsaw game extended Up to 30 different motives (photos) 57 €
Photo exchange online You have to format the photos by yourself 19 €
Maximum text 4000 words of text instead of 800 9 €
Text exchange Standard version (800 words) 9 €
ditto 12 item package One new text per month 55 €
Text exchange For Maximum text (4000 words) 12 €
ditto 12 item package One new text per month 69 €
Email option Send emails to the players of your games 19 €
Build a logo We build a personal logo which will be displayed on the upper left side of your game website 25 €
Build a card backside We build a card backside for your memory game 25 €
ditto 5 item package We build 5 card backsides for the extended memory game 89€
Discount packages Many extras are included
… for one game You save 20 Euro 75 €
2 games package You save 34 Euro 88 €
Maximum package You save 100 Euro 99 €