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Mosie explains how to choose extras

As a part of the order process you can choose extras which are not contained in your selected package. Please consider the discount packages which are described below. You can save real money with them because they already contain many extras.

You already know the kind of list to choose extras from the package selection. If you want to know more details about a certain extra, press the green button behind it. I will explain it to you immediately. You only see the extras which are not part of your package and which you have not already booked. Therefore sometimes this list can be empty.

Screenshot of the extra selection

You choose an extra by clicking on the blue button. Then I will ask you if you really want to have this extra for the price I tell you and you can put it into your shopping cart or change your mind.

Screenshot of the call back after an extra selection

Here is a list of all possible extras:

Photo exchange online: For 19 Euro a year and per game you can exchange the photos in your games anytime and as often as you want.

Maximum text: You can add a bigger text to your game website. With this extra the text may consist of up to 4000 words (10 pages). This is enough for example to add an extensive travelogue to the photos of your trip.

Single text exchange: You can send us a new text anytime. We exchange this text on your game website for 9 Euro (800 words, 2 pages) or 12 Euro (4000 words, 10 pages)

Twelve text exchanges: Do you want to design your game website lively and change the text each month? The package of twelve costs 55 Euro (800 Words, 2 pages) or 69 Euro (4000 words or 10 pages)

Email option: You can send emails to all registered players of your games, if they allow them basically. You may, for example, inform them about new uploaded photos. This costs 19 Euro a year and per game.

Build a logo: We develop a personal logo for your game website which is displayed on the upper left side from one of your uploaded photos for 25 Euro.

Build a card backside: For your memory game we develop a card backside from one of your uploaded photos for 25 Euro or 5 card backsides (for the extended version of the game) for 89 Euro.

You want to have a base package and some additional extras? First look at the discount packages if you want to save real money. One kind of discount package contains the extended version of the game (more photos, partition games of the memory game) and you will get two additional extras.

Furthermore there are 2 discount packages where you can combine jigsaw and memory game and get exceedingly discount. These are the “2 games package” and the “Maximum package”.

Here are the discount packages. The most discount you will get with the Maximum package.

Discount packages for one game

extended version of the jigsaw game or memory game=57 Euro

Email Option=19 Euro

Photo exchange online=19 Euro

Sum of the unit prices=95 Euro. Package Price=75 Euro. You will save 20 Euro or more than 20%.

The 2 games package

Memory game normal (1 partition game, 60 photos)=42 Euro

Jigsaw game normal (10 photos)=42 Euro

Photo exchange online for both games=38 Euro

Sum of the unit prices=122 Euro. Package Price=88 Euro. You will save 36 Euro or more than 25%.

The maximum package

Memory game extended version (5 partition games, 200 photos)=57 Euro

Jigsaw game extended version (30 photos)=57 Euro

Email Option for both games=38 Euro

Photo exchange online for both games=38 Euro

Maximum text=9 Euro

Sum of the unit prices=199 Euro. Package Price=99 Euro. You will save 100 Euro or more than 50%.