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Mosie explains how to choose a package

To order your favoured game, select an according package. You can choose between some base packages and a variety of discount packages. A base package is either a jigsaw game or a memory game.

You can write a text of up to 800 words which will be displayed around you games or on separate pages where you can write something about the pictures or yourself or anything else you want. Therefore you already have a little game website of your own when you order a base package.

The jigsaw game base package

The jigsaw game base package has room for up to 10 photos. The player can select the number of pieces from a popup list between 6 and 600. I have asked Gernot whether than 600 pieces are possible. But he said in this case the pieces would be too small even on a large screen. He demonstrated it to me and I believed him at once. Turtles have good eyesight but for this I would need glasses.

A photo for a jigsaw game should have a ratio of 3:4 between the sides which is the default for most cameras and Smartphones. Therefore you normally don’t have to care about it. For big screens we format the picture with 720*540 pixels and for small screens we also use sizes of 540*405 pixels and 360*270 pixels.

If you want to save time for uploading the photos you can scale them down by yourself to 720*540 pixels. Please do not take less than this because it would not look pretty on a big screen. But you have not to do the downscaling. You also can upload your original photos (and wait longer while uploading them), we will do the downscaling for you.

The memory game base package

A memory game consists of up to 56 different cards. How many exactly you can choose on “Website configuration”. The default is 30 cards which will be arranged in 6 cards horizontally and 5 cards vertically. To reach this you need to upload at least 15 photos. But you can upload more photos than would be needed. In this case the cards will be selected randomly from the uploaded photos for each game. The maximum photo upload for the base package is 60, which is more than twice the number of photos needed for the biggest game size.

Best you use either only photos in landscape format or only photos in portrait format. Mixtures are possible but they don’t look good. We can clip the photos for you if only some of them have a different format. But Gernot says this should be an exception. Apart from that a game with a mixture of formats will be launched as it is and looks a little bit messy in this case.

Concerning the size the same rules apply as for the jigsaw photos: We need them in a ratio of 3:4 between the sides and will scale down them to 336*448 pixels. We may scale down the photos for you but uploading consumes more time if you upload much bigger photos. Please don’t upload photos smaller than 336:448 pixels. We will scale up them anyway but it doesn’t look good.

A base package costs 3.50 Euro a month or 42 Euro a year and can only be booked for one year in advance. For only few bucks more you can order an extended package of each game. The extended jigsaw game contains up to 30 different photos. Apart from that everything else is the same as in the base package. The upgrade to the extended version costs 15 Euro a year.

The extended memory game consists of 5 different part games and altogether up to 200 different photos. You can name the part games and assign each photo to one ore more games. The upgrade to the extended memory game also costs 15 Euro for one year. I will explain the discount packages after the explanation of the extras for a better understanding.

Order a package by clicking on the “Select” button before it.

Then I will ask you if you really want to have this package and you can put it into your shopping cart or change your mind.

Screenshot of choosing a package

You cannot assign photos to games unless you have chosen a package, therefore you should do it as soon as possible.

Screenshot of the call back after a package selection

Even if you are not sure what you want: Put a package in the shopping cart. You can change it later if you change your mind. You may only have to make a new assignment of the photos to the games in this case.